Imma & Mario's Mercato - AdPro Case Study

ProScales® AdPro™ technology is an award winning, patented method of printing contextual information on a label. In order to test the impact upon sales in a real retail environment, a case study in conjunction with leading gourmet retailer and existing client Imma & Mario’s Mercato was put into action. An independent, third party research team Complete the Picture was engaged to manage, run and evaluate the Case Study to ensure the integrity of results.


  • To increase the average spend per person
  • To increase customer flow & goods movement in traditional ‘cold spots’
  • To increase overall sales
  • To increase sales of specific items
    To achieve a high % of coupon redemption based on industry standards

The trial ran from February 2011 through until the end of March.


  • The technology works by using the existing deli label to print an advertisement or promotion which can be linked to complementary goods, competitions, recipes, discounts or multi buy specials.
  • Using the deli labels to promote goods in other areas of the store can help to increase traffic flow.
  • The labels catch customers whilst they are in the buying phase, not after they have completed their purchases like receipt dockets do. This means they are more likely to take up the offer and spend more in store.
  • Traditionally in-store marketing requires man hours to move stock location, budgets to organise expensive brochures and generally involve quite a bit of effort. The AdPro solution creates a marketing campaign which fits in with the store’s everyday work flow and therefore requires little additional effort.

Complete the Picture Consulting reported a 100% increase in per-customer average spend, 125% increase in items per basket, and a 177% increase in sales of promotional items (based on pre-trial figures).

As well as increased sales across the board, the company reported that the system showed an improvement in moving customer flow into what were traditionally ‘cold spots’ within the store (by up to 285%) and demonstrated that it could assist in fresh food management by increasing fresh food item sales (by up to 538%).

“We were impressed by the additional sales gained during the trial and have observed a change in our customer spending habits,” says John Caporaso, Director, Il Mercato. “We will definitely continue to use the technology as a key part of our marketing,” he says.