Our award-winning weighing & labelling software, ideal for retail & wholesale environments
LabelHub™ provides a friendly, touchscreen-optimised graphical environment, suitable for a wide variety of labelling applications.

Supporting any Windows®-compatible label printer, LabelHub provides a flexible and cost effective solution for any business requiring in-house labelling.


Friendly Interface
Find products quickly and easily. LabelHub allows to to easily browse products by category or alpha-index. You can even add product images to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity from operators.


Programmable Favourites
LabelHub provided 80 user-programmable one-touch Favourite buttons, which can be quickly modified on-the-fly.

Simply enter the PLU, select a colour, and the button is ready to use!

PLU Search
For operators that prefer searching by PLU code, LabelHub accomodates this with large touch-screen friendly numeric keys.



Graphical Label Editor
LabelHub includes a built-in label editor, which allows you to design custom label templates to suit your needs, with true-type fonts, graphics, barcodes and more.
Additionally, LabelHub includes a template pack, with many pre-designed labels ready to use.


Built-in Product Database
LabelHub includes a built-in product database, which can support thousands of PLUs. Additionally, LabelHub can do scheduled data imports from external sources, including ODBC-compliant databases, Excel workbooks and csv / tab files.


Easy Data Entry
LabelHub has been designed to make it easy for businesses to keep their records up to date and accurate. With touch-screen friendly controls, users can maintain nutrional data, ingredients, multiple price levels, product-flags and more in seconds.
Usage Logs
LabelHub has built in logging and reporting tools, allowing you to keep track of everything labelled. Data can be filtered by date, category, product name and product code, and all logs can be easily exported for use in other programs.

System Requirements
-Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
-1Ghz or faster x86/x64 processor
-512MB RAM or greater
-200MB free disk space
-Colour Monitor (interface optimised for touch-screen with 1024x768 resolution)
-Windows® compatible label printer
-Supports RS232 weigh scales (CAS PDII, CASDBII, Mettler Toledo VIVA)
-Supports RS232 customer displays (up to 3 lines)

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